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    Cattle in THE SUMMIT

    44 PTIC Cows

      A neat **2 deck** line of 44 PTIC Organically certified CAF mixed breed cows presenting in light store to forward store condition that had a LWT range at assessment 405kg - 670kg full to have an estimated average delivery weight of 466.6kg. Small to medium frame cows joined to Angus, Gelbvieh and Senepol bulls preg tested 3 - 7 months in calf (large % of cows 5 - 7 months) that would be suitable to fatten on grain or crop or with the right nutrition to calve down for the last time. Note; The 2 cows that are not vendor bred are NOT organic certified (Orange management tag 49 & 148) but this will not affect the organic certification of the remaining 42 cows. Small % of cows with old buffalo fly scarring & one cow with 1 blue eye. Not considered detrimental. Note; Dentition.

      Sex: Cow
      Number of Head: 44
      Average Weight: 466.6 kgs
      Age: 10 - 13 Years
      Accreditation(s): LPA, Organic

      Number of Head: 44 - Range: 8T

      Number of Head: 21 - Dam: Angus, Sire: Angus,
      Number of Head: 8 - Dam: Angus Cross, Sire: Gelbvieh,
      Number of Head: 6 - Dam: Charolais Cross, Sire: Charolais,
      Number of Head: 4 - Dam: Hereford, Sire: Angus,
      Number of Head: 3 - Dam: Angus Cross, Sire: Senepol,
      Number of Head: 2 - Dam: Hereford Cross, Sire: Gelbvieh

      Preg Tested?:
      Yes, this lot was pregnancy tested, by Grahman Greenup (Vet) on 24/05/2018.
      44 Head in calf, from 3 to 7 months. Certificate Available.